COMM 300, photography

13A Photobook Presentation

I have learned so many things by taking Sister Esplin's COMM 300. This class has taught me to appreciate and love photography on a whole new level. I've also learned what it truly means to see something with the right perspective. The creation of my phonebook was a neat process. It's interesting how critical I… Continue reading 13A Photobook Presentation

COMM 300, photography

12C Contest

I chose to submit three entries to the Eastern Idaho Community Photo Contest. Since they have specific categories of submission, I chose to focus on Portraits. I'm originally from Idaho and one of my favorite things about this state is how beautiful the outdoors is. I've lived in Eastern Idaho for several years now, and… Continue reading 12C Contest

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12A: Fine Art Print

This week I printed out my picture for my fine art print. I'm honestly really pleased with how it turned out! I took this picture while I was visiting home about a month ago. I was walking through the backyard, trying to find some neat things to photograph. A little maple leaf caught my eye,… Continue reading 12A: Fine Art Print

COMM 300, photography

8C Photobook: First 5 Pages

Photobook: First 5 Pages It was really fun to be able to start working on my photobook. It's really neat to see a collection of some of my best pictures I've taken over the course of just about two months. All of the photography, editing, designing, and text is done by me via several Adobe… Continue reading 8C Photobook: First 5 Pages