Creative Ad

Post-It Ad TV .jpg

The objective of this project was to utilize my creativity to create an advertisement for an everyday household product. The goal of my ad was to be appealing and convincing to my targeted audience. After doing the project specification generator provided by my professor, I was given the following information:

  • Product: Post-It Notes
  • Gender: Male or Females
  • Age: 25-34
  • Education: High School
  • Relationship Status: In a relationship
  • Income: $15,000-$39,000 per year

These were the two images that I used for this project include the following images below. The first picture of the hand was taken by me and then edited to fit correctly in my advertisement. The second picture of the sticky note was by PSDGraphics. I have attached the direct link to the website below.

Also, the Post-It logo I used in my ad was taken from a website called Logo Databases.

post-it-logo copy

After much critical thinking and creativity, I was able to construct a very rough draft of what I wanted for my advertisement.

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 1.14.53 PM

Like I mentioned earlier, this was a VERY rough draft of what I envisioned. It was simple, yet presented a message to my audience. I definitely was aiming for simplicity, but at the same time, felt like something was missing. The edges around my hand were pretty rough and needed to be smoothed out. Perhaps the company’s logo was a little too small. If my audience was for single people in a relationship, I probably shouldn’t have a ring on the hand. Also, I noticed that I didn’t really have a call to action for my audience. It wasn’t a question that although I was headed in the right direction, this ad needed quite the work.

I was able to keep the simplicity of my ad, yet add a little more meat to it in the process. As you can see, I was able to successfully take out the ring on my finger and smooth out the edges on my hand. Because I wanted precision, I ended up having to watch several tutorials on YouTube just so that I could ensure I was doing my best possible work. I was able to add more life to the hand by adding drop shadows and enhancing the overall quality of the image.

shadows-drawover.jpg ring-drawover.jpg







Knowing that I had to blend at least two images together, I chose to blend the sticky note over my hand of “to do’s”. The point of this is to show my audience that they don’t always have to write everything on their hands to remember. That’s what Post-It notes are for! After working with the opacity and other things in Adobe Photoshop, I was able to place the sticky note on the hand, suggesting a change.


As for the logo, I chose to not only change the location of the company’s logo, but make it bigger. I want my audience to know that it’s the Post-It sticky notes they need to buy, not some knockoff brand.

In regards to the written content on this ad, the headline of “Don’t Forget” is also a call to action to my audience. We need to stop writing all these things we have to do on our hands and then get frustrated when they wash off in the sink. It’s Post-It’s job to remember these things for you, through the proper use of the sticky notes. I used two different fonts:

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 5.20.25 PM

This is the completed version of my advertisement for the Sticky Note. The first image is 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels to fit a television static ad, while the second image is 400 pixels by 209 pixels, primarily for a Facebook static ad.

Post-It Ad TV

Post-It Ad SM

I am very pleased with how my ad turned out. I feel like I was able to utilize my creativity and skills in Adobe Photoshop to create a compelling ad for Post-It. People in my targeted age group like simplicity, and that’s what I aimed for. Too many times I see folks with smudged letters and words all over their pretty little hands, just because they have to resort to relying on their hands to remember the little things. With Post-It sticky notes, we can keep our hands clean and free from smudges.


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