Completed Courses

COMM 100: Introduction to Communication: IN PROGRESS: This course provides information about different areas of study in the Department of Communication. Practicum options are discussed as well as department requirements, general advising, resume planning, and faculty mentor visits. 

COMM 102: Public Speaking: COMPLETED
This course is an exploration of the fundamental principles and practices of effective informative and persuasive speeches. This course examines basic elements of public speaking including increasing speaker confidence, ethics of speaking, audience analysis and adaption, appropriate methods of delivery, researching supporting materials, effective use of presentational aids, and effective outlining and delivery speeches.
COMM 111 Writing for Communication Career: IN PROGRESS
This course builds basic writing competence and other skills needed for today’s media and communication careers.
COMM 130: Visual Design: IN PROGRESS (See Visual Design tab)
This course is a practical application of the design principles and rules of typography to produce effective visual media. This is a hybrid course with a blend of in-class and online learning to explore the diverse skills and technologies involved in the visual design process. Students produce a portfolio of projects including fliers, ads, edited images, logos, stationary, and brochures to demonstrate design proficiency and expertise using industry-standard technology.
COMM 150: Interpersonal Theory and Practice: IN PROGRESS
This course examines basic elements and theory of human communication in a practical, relevant setting. Students will explore varied facets of interpersonal process with emphasis on improving communication skills and interpersonal relationships. 
*Course descriptions are provided by the BYU-Idaho course catalog.