Icon Set

For this past project, I’ve been working on designing an icon set in Adobe Illustrator. We were instructed to create icons while applying several skills we’ve learned in Adobe Illustrator. I chose to create four characters from the TV series, Adventure Time. My husband is a big fan of this show so I figured it would be fun to create something totally unique. This TV series is very universal with humor that kids enjoy, as well as clean, witty things that adults would enjoy, hence why my audience are people familiar with Cartoon Network. These people can range from children to young adults. Throughout this post, I will discuss each characters and the different elements I used to create it. Below is an exported version of my icon set.

Icon Set NP


One of the requirements for this project was to export PNG’s of each icon. For the remaining graphics on this post, you will see a large icon next to a smaller icon. The larger icon is 400 pixels and the smaller icons are 60 pixels. As you can see, the icons below are a bit pixelated, but like I said before, this was the requirement for the assignment. You can see the crispness of the original icons in the image above.

This is Finn the Human. He is one of the main characters on Adventure Time. I actually had originally planned on just doing Finn’s head, but after careful thinking of the constant theme of my icon set, I figured that he should have a body because the other characters do. I used several different shapes to create him. For the most part he was fairly easy to create. The shape builder tool came the most handy to create difficult shapes such as Finn’s head. I learned how to use the curvature tool a little bit more while creating his socks.


Finn-400.png     Finn-60.png

Once again, the shape builder tool was a great resource to create something obscure as Jake’s nose. I was surprised at how nicely my shapes overlapped each other on his face. I had originally just done a circle icon with the character’s face on it. However, I wanted there to be a similar theme with all my icons, so I chose to construct the whole body for this character, rather than just the head.

The design of the Ice King was pretty complicated, especially when it came to his beard. I use lot of small triangles and combined them together while taking out other pieces using the shape builder tool. I used the reflector tool for the other half of the Ice King’s mouth, as well as for the smaller ruby’s on his crown. While combining shapes to make his beard, I also found the curvature tool quite handy to bring in certain points.

Lumpy Space Princess was the first character that I completed. A careful combination of tons of circles combined together created her figure. Since she’s floating, I figured that adding a shadow (also of combined ellipses) would really finish off the design. LSP-400LSP-60

By creating this icon set, I’ve definitely gotten a better grasp on the more complex concepts and principles found in Adobe’s Illustrator. There were several times when I had to resort to a Youtube tutorial video in answering my questions, but because I had a way to apply what I was learning, I feel more confident than ever in designing an icon set. I’ve become more familiar with the process of actually designing graphics of things that I either see in my head or see around me.