Lecture Notes

May 11, 2017

Guest Speaker: Brother Lane Williams

The class discussion started out by discussing the importance of reading the news. Not just any news, but a credible news source such as The Wall Street Journal. Why would it help a communication professional to be informed about the news? You would gain the ability to relate and appeal to people. Also, the ability that allows you to know what’s going on allows you to have a conversation with someone. The first challenge was to make ourselves informed.

“We have to start acting if we want to be as prepared as we need to be.”

The second challenge was to create our own content, preferably around a passion. Williams discussed how our career’s have already started, and how by creating our own content will be an asset to us as we make our way into the real world. He encouraged us to become involved in agencies such as Soapbox, PSSR, and anything that provides an on-hands opportunity with real-life applications.

“Show people what you’re good at and start taking ownership of your career now.”

May 18, 2017

Guest Speakers: Brother Howard & Brother Mawlam

I’ve been considering doing a module in video production. I was able to get a better idea of potential jobs in this field as well as their salaries from Brother Howard. Depending on which focus I’d like to go in to, a beneficial course for me to take if I was interested in edition would be 497R (AVID certification). I think the great thing about there are always things that come up and you’re always going to be busy. However, once you get the rhythm down, you get in the zone and everything is flowing exactly like you want to.

Brother Mawlam talked about how we’re always answering the employers questions can be done through video production. He stated, “There have never been more business that need video content. And there has never been more screens….to be able to engage in this content.” Make sure you know who your audience it, and how you want them to react and receive your message.

May 25, 2017

Guest Speakers: Eric Lybbert, Cody Kerr, Derek Miller, and James Rognon

This lecture has been very beneficial. We had various faculty members from the Visual Design Department come and speak to us regarding the classes they teach and basically what’s in store for students with an emphasis in Visual Design…aka me. It was really great to be able to get a better idea of what the required classes consist of. I feel more prepared to register for next semester’s classes based on my new understanding and knowledge.


  • Professional Imaging– includes photographing food, traveling
  • 397R stock photography- photography for $

Useful Websites:

  • carynesplin.com
  • vectorpaths.com– student examples

June 1, 2017

Guest Speaker: Sister Hansen

The main topic of the lecture was that of advocacy. You’re looking at a social problem and need to find out a communication channel. She started off the class by handing us a flyer made by VOICE, a student-led advocacy association from BYU-Idaho. She asked the class the question of who we would hand this flyer out to. Preferably someone in the public. After discussing things with my partner, we decided that reaching out to someone in the school boards in Eastern Idaho, they would be able to reach out to the students. They have the most direct contact with an audience that would benefit the most.

“Part of advocacy is using critical thinking. You need to be able to think outside the box. You need to be comfortable with information. After all, it’s your job as communication majors.”

After listening to this lecture, I feel like I want to do my module in Advocacy. It seems like a rewarding aspect of communication because you work with real people for real causes.  I think it would be great to be able to be able to work for and with charities, events, and whatnot.

June 8, 2017

Guest speaker: Brother Hicks & Brother Cannon

Brother Hicks introduced his lecture by speaking about his experience in PR in a famous copper mine in Arizona. His job was to influence people and work with the community. He had to help teach and education people about the copper mining industry. During his time working in PR for the company, Brother Hicks had the opportunity to go on tours with National Geographic photographers and he worked hand in hand with .

What is public relations? It’s a planned process to influence public opinion.

PR gives you the opportunity to change public opinion. He said that involvement in the community is a way to show that we care about people. A student asked for clarification between PR and advertising. Brother Hicks said that PR is more about promoting the image of an organization, while advertising is promoting the product of a company.

June 15, 2017

Guest speaker: Brother Hochstrasser

Advertising is something that’s different every single day. In fact, it’s what makes the business world and economy go round. In marketing, there’s something they call the “4 P’s”: product, price, place, promotion. While marketing takes care of the first three P’s, without advertising, the circle isn’t complete.

Whatever age you are, you NEVER stop learning.

The ADCA formula is the formula for success in the advertising world.

AATTENTION: Grab people’s attention immediately

D– DESIRE: Help the audience understand why they need the product

CACALL TO ACTION: Encourage the audience to go buy one today or take action

Something that stood out to me for the field of advertising is that it’s structured and composed, just like music. Also, out of all of the different parts of advertising, social media is probably the most promising.

June 15, 2017

Guest speaker: Brother Judkins

Brother Judkins is the head of internships for Communication majors.

  • Apply for an internship, and then apply to get credit for the internship through iPlan.
  • 150 hours = 1 credit, 250 hours = 2 credits
  • http://www.byui.edu/communication/internships
  • In the “job description” box, add me information about your supervisor’s experience in Communication.
  • Internship must be a minimum of 10 hours per week