Magazine Spread

This assignment really helped me better understand and utilize various photography and design principles. I started out this project with a pretty rough draft. Although I put a lot of time and energy into creating it, something just didn’t feel right as I felt like I lacked a foundation of knowledge. After turning in the draft, I decided that if I was going to excel in this class and many more to come, I would need to figure some things out. I spent the next several days watching videos on YouTube as I followed tutorials using my own material. Fortunately, I started to get the hang of things. After analyzing my rough draft, it appeared to be really dull, boring, and with lots of errors and imperfections.

I feel like my overall design is not only appealing to the eye, but I feel like it would definitely attract my targeted audience– parents, youth, elderly, and really, anyone looking for inspiration. It’s even “church appropriate”. The colors are subtle, as are the fonts I chose. The pictures don’t necessarily yell out to a certain age, but because the spread has a warm, friendly vibe, I feel like it would attract the necessary folks that I intended it to.

I have utilized my new skills and followed my classmate’s critiquing to create this new magazine spread. Because of the warm message this address offers, I wanted to center my theme around something happy, hence why I chose beautiful pink flowers for a faint background in the title page. I wanted to make sure that the graphics I used didn’t take the attention away from the message, so I was sure to fade the graphics quite a bit. For the title, I used an attractive sans font, called “Nella Sue”. I then was sure to center the main message of this address in the top center portion of the front page with a sans serif font called “Are you freakin’ serious”. Some font names are just so creative. Love it.

Looking back on my original draft, one big mistake that I noticed had to do with my color choices and combinations. It seemed as if none of the colors were really complimentary to the pictures and design used. For the final spread I chose a light green to be the main color. I feel like everything else is quite complimentary, especially the picture used on the third page. The picture of my younger sister riding her bike is so precious. What better way to portray of God’s love and concern for us than by a sweet picture of a child. Because I wanted her smile to radiate, I made sure that no text could interfere with that on the design.

Proper use of photography principles and design truly makes all the difference. 

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